Are Triple Pane Windows a Good Investment?

triple pane windowsMaking sound investments in your home when it comes to home renovations is essential. You want to make sure you're getting the most for your money, and the quality of the items in your home withstand future years of everyday usage. Something that gets good use practically every day is your windows. Investing in a durable window pane is essential, which is why a triple pane window can be a top choice. So what exactly makes triple-pane windows a good investment?

  • They're energy-efficient! Triple pane windows have a higher energy rating than a traditional double-pane by 20-30%.
  • Cut back on loud outdoor noises. Having triple the glass amount in your window, separating you further from the outside, quieting the noise. Combine that with blackout curtains for the best sleep you'll ever have.
  • If it's cold where you are, triple pane windows are ideal for you! These windows are much better at keeping the warmth in and the cold out.
  • Triple panes are built to last! These window panes are meant to be around for a long, long time. Over the years (between 10-20 years - not a short time), you will get your money back for the energy you save with these beautiful windows.
  • More large panes equal more durable panes. Triple pane windows are significantly more extensive than their predecessors, but it's worth it. It also makes them harder to break, giving you a little bit of an added extra security.
  • Add to the resale value of your home! It's a bonus to a new home buyer if the house already comes with the triple pane windows, so why not set yourself up for success and get a few extra bucks to come selling time?

Triple pane windows end up becoming an excellent investment and have real long-term benefits of installation. You may not see a drastic change in your energy consumption. Still, throughout living in your home, you will see a significant difference from the day you switched to triple-pane to the day you move on to new places.