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Do screens protect from UV rays from the Sun?

uv rays screen damageSpring has sprung on us here in Florida, and with it, some of the not so “fun in the sun” dangers of overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Fortunately, for those of us who have discovered the benefits of screen enclosures, we’ve learned how to beat the heat while enjoying the great outdoors…..and we’re doing it in style!

While some sun exposure is beneficial to your health by providing a natural source of Vitamin D to the body (which aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus - essential for healthy bones), overexposure to the sun is nothing to rest on your laurels about. 

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Jazz up your home or business with canvas awings

When considering all of the options available to you for your home or office that allow you to enjoy unrestricted airflow and fresh outdoor air without the sun’s harmful UV rays, remember to keep canvas awnings in mind!  There are some reasons these types of awnings are beneficial. The design possibilities are endless with canvas awnings, and with the many fabric selections available, they complement just about any home or building perfectly. Below, are just a few more reasons to make canvas awnings a part of your home:

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Possibilities of Concrete or Block Patios

Nicole Stevens

stamped concrete the villagesAdding or repairing a patio on your home can be a lengthy task, and just like with the home itself you have to work from the bottom up. That’s why it’s important to go over your options when it comes to the overall foundation of your patio. A concrete or block patio have endless possibilities which we will explore here, and determine which is right for you!

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Clean Gutters

clean guttersThings that are typically out of sight tend to be out of mind. This old saying pertains to home repairs especially. One of the big ones that fall under that category would be our gutters. Wonderful in Florida for the ultra-rainy months, but what happens when it’s raining, and your gutters no longer drain? Can it be serious? How often should you have your gutters professionally cleaned? These questions and more will be answered for you today, along with expressing the importance of gutter upkeep.

Gutters can easily become backed up, especially in a wooded area. Lots of fallen leaves and twigs can make their way in them, settling and adding up over the course of time. It can also become a prime location for bird’s nests as well as homes for other little critters. A build up in your gutters doesn’t just mean a nasty clean up later on; it can cause serious damage to your home. A few of them being;

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I have a screened in lanai, but bugs still get in

insects lanaiIf you’ve bug-proofed your lanai but still find bugs, the problem is likely with your lanai’s construction. Here are a few of the most common problem areas and the best way to prevent or fix them:

Not sure what the exact source of your bugs is? It’s probably time to call a professional to help identify these and other probable issues that are letting the bugs in.

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For over ten years, Quality Screen & Aluminum has been the premier screen enclosure source for Lake & Sumter County and the surrounding area in Central Florida. Our experienced team of designers will create an enclosure to fit your vision and your budget, and you can take comfort in knowing we use only the highest quality materials and skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to excellence. Additionally, many of our products come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, providing you with worry-free enjoyment.

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Blake Keedy is the business owner and he represents all the leadership qualities you need demonstrated to ensure customers are delighted in home renovation. Go with Quality Screen and Aluminum Inc. In June Blake's design, experience and insights were invaluable to us. We chose Blake to design, construct and deliver his seasoned project management of our screened front porch, our new birdcage and all season glass enclosed lanai. You will be excited and kept informed every step of any project you do with Blake Keedy. Blake navigated permits , product delivery ensuring ongoing project progress and we trust him wholeheartedly.

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