Quality Screen & Aluminum prides itself on our quality, custom-built birdcages. Our professional team of pool enclosure designers and builders can custom design any size birdcage to fit your needs. Our birdcage allows heat to enter along with the breeze on hot summer days. It also blocks most of the dangerous UV rays the sun gives off that can cause serious health conditions such as cancer. Most of all, it keeps those pesky Florida critters out of your poolside area.

Save hundreds of dollars each year in costly pool maintenance as the birdcage acts as a pool cover, blocking leaves and other flying debris from getting near your pool water. This minimizes pool cleaning time and expenses. Quality Screen & Aluminum enclosures provide lasting value and safety as well the necessary insect barrier to provide hours of comfort in our Florida climate. Quality Screen & Aluminum can even handle the paver and concrete work for you, to ensure years of enjoyment.

  • Bug free environment
  • Keep pool and pool area clean
  • Adds outdoor entertaining and usable area at an affordable price
  • Adds value to home
  • Safe place for kids, animals & guest
  • All year long use
  • Makes outdoor time more enjoyable & carefree