Benefits of Adding a Screen Enclosure.

For many of those in Florida, a front porch or a backyard pool are two of the best hangout spots at home. Benefits of Adding a Screen Enclosure. This is especially true during summertime, where the days are longer, and the sun is hotter! But how can you keep your summer chill spot nice and chill? By adding screen enclosures to all your outdoor living areas! Whether it be a spacious front porch, an in/above ground pool area, or a small, simple patio; a screened in enclosure can make sure you get the most out of being outdoors while still being indoors (kind of). Here we list some of the top benefits to adding a screen enclosure to your home in Florida!

Cut down on harmful UV rays! Adding the screens to your outdoor hangout area will work overtime to make sure you don't have a summer full of sunburns. Along with the help of an SPF sunscreen for your skin, the screen enclosure helps keep those harmful sun rays at bay so you can enjoy your outside time without constant sunscreen application or hiding in the shade.

Keep what you want in, and what you don't want out! No little critters can take a sunbath on your front porch or a dip in your pool when you have a screen enclosure up. This is especially effective against frogs looking to make a new home in your pool at night, or even bigger critters like raccoons or maybe even a bear if you're close enough to Florida's forests.

Have pets, a backyard, but no fence? Let your pets enjoy roaming around the area you decide to screen up! Of course, walking them still needs to be done so they can do their own business, but having space for your pets to enjoy the outdoors just like you do is a great idea!

Want privacy and style? A screen enclosure doesn't have to be that dull see-through tight mesh that we're used to seeing. A lot of screens can have images of scenic murals done on them. This means you could be swimming in your pool in Florida, but have a view of the shoreline at the beach right outside of the pool. This keeps your area private and incredibly unique to the typical screened-in pool areas.

Enjoy more time outdoors! Having a screened-in area outside will open the door to many more activities to do while getting plenty of fresh air. Throw parties outside, cook/grill, study, get work done, etc. The options are practically endless when you have a comfortable and calm spot outside to enjoy.

There are many incredible benefits to having a screen enclosure in parts of your home in Florida. Enjoy the benefits of living in the sunshine state and still stay comfortable with a sturdy, elegant, and eye-catching screened-in spot outside this summer. Contact Quality Screen and Aluminum today to get started on your screen enclosure! 

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Blake Keedy is the business owner and he represents all the leadership qualities you need demonstrated to ensure customers are delighted in home renovation. Go with Quality Screen and Aluminum Inc. In June Blake's design, experience and insights were invaluable to us. We chose Blake to design, construct and deliver his seasoned project management of our screened front porch, our new birdcage and all season glass enclosed lanai. You will be excited and kept informed every step of any project you do with Blake Keedy. Blake navigated permits , product delivery ensuring ongoing project progress and we trust him wholeheartedly.

Darlene W.

Quality Screen and Aluminum built a porch on my house in August 2016. I was so impressed with the way my needs were satisfied beyond expectations and the quality of the workmanship was superb! Blake Keedy was personally involved with every aspect of the construction, even the work of the contract crews! I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend this business!

Suzann D.

I would not have believed your quality screen could exist with 120 MPH winds and torrential rains for twelve hours but it did.

Dana H.