Caring for outdoor furniture.

Tidying up around the house usually involves some vacuuming, dusting, cleaning on and around all types of furniture throughout your home.  There is sometimes one spot that doesn't always get the attention it needs though, and that's furniture you have outdoors. There are all different kinds of outdoor-specific furniture you can set up outside and not have to worry about too much. But when it comes to taking care of it, what is the best process?

Thankfully, a lot of outdoor furniture is made to weather outside conditions. These are labeled as "all-weather" furniture and isn't limited to just sitting under the shade of a covered patio. Here we will list the top 3 materials of all-weather furniture and give a few tips and tricks to keep anything outdoors look like it just came from indoors. 

1. Teak wood 

This type of building material is a tropical hardwood that is high in its oil content along its tight grain. Because of this, it makes this type of hardwood water-resistant without the use of anyof chemical or sealant. It also is impervious to pests like termites so you can rest assured it will be safe outside. Cleaning this type of material is painless and straightforward as it only requires a simple brush down with a soft-bristle brush and a specific solution for teak wood to get rid of any mold. This is done once a season, and it is to be noted that natural spotting does occur on this wood thanks to the wood's natural oils. 

2. Wicker

A more popular material for outdoor furniture. We all know at least one person who has had a wicker chair either indoors or outdoors. Real, natural wicker isn't very weather resistant, but synthetic wicker has advanced in the years. This means the wicker coming out of production is now water and UV resistant. This keeps the wicker from rotting from the rain or bleaching from the sun. Wicker also has low maintenance, needing only to be washed with mild liquid soap and water.

3. Aluminum

This one isn't always an obvious choice for outdoor furniture, as most think of items like cans when they hear aluminum. Aluminum itself can easily oxidize when out in the open, but a powder coating (in any color) keeps this process from occurring. The aluminum furniture will keep from rusting, remain durable, and is an easy clean like the others. Car wash soap is a better option to wash away the dirt and grime on this material. Even touching it up with a bit of auto wax after can make it  pop. 

With the proper care and attention, it's possible to have all different kinds of furniture adorn your patio setting. Materials for outdoor furniture being manufactured today are made to last and deal with hard outdoor conditions. While it's not smart to put say, an oak end table out on the patio; it can be easily copied with materials such as teak or wicker, even aluminum or cast iron. Where there's a will, there's a way, and where there's a patio, there will be pristine outdoor furniture!

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