What Is Uv & How Do Screen Enclosures Help

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and that label rings true about 60% of the year (since the other 40% it rains). Thousands of people flock to Florida beaches and other water getaways to take a refreshing dip and soak up the hot sun. Some might even be lucky enough to sunbathe in their backyard. But there is a danger lurking in those warm, inviting rays and that danger is called UV rays. 

So what exactly are UV rays?

uv florida screen enclosureYou've probably seen the little stickers on the corner of sunglasses promoting that this specific pair can block harmful UV rays.  It's also all over the labels for various sunscreens. UV stands for Ultraviolet, and it's a type of radiation given off by the sun. UV rays are the leading cause of skin cancer since too much of it can create abnormalities in the skin (and sometimes eyes) and cause the body to react. UV can take it's time to be harmful, but in some cases, those rays can get you in a matter of minutes and leave with you an abnormal mole or marking on your skin the following days. The rays aren't visible but can be felt with the intense heat of the sun on a particularly hot day. 

There is a way to protect yourself at home if you enjoy spending your time outdoors in the backyard this summer. Invest in some screen enclosures to keep the fresh air in but the harmful things out! Having a screen enclosure around your pool or just surrounding your backyard patio can block out between 30-80% of harmful UV rays. This on top of responsible usage of sunscreen or the proper clothing can make sure you don't get too much sun, protecting you from those UVs. The screens block the full effect of the sun's rays from coming down to you, so you're not in direct sunlight even if there are no trees around for extra shade.

Having a screen enclosure around your pool will ensure that you can enjoy cooling off on a hot summer day and not worry about any harmful after effects from being outside too long. Always remember to keep sunscreen on and keep yourself extra prepared for a hot summer outside!

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