When is the End of Summer in Florida and When Will It Actually FEEL Like Autumn?

end of summer in floridaWill summer ever end? Halloween decorations are appearing. Kids are back in school. But wait...it's STILL September, it's STILL hot, and now our brains are trying to tell us it's about to be Fall? So when is the end of Summer, and when will it feel like Autumn?

Don't get out your boots and pumpkin lattes just yet; we live in Florida, remember? It takes us a few weeks to catch up with the rest of the country when it comes to cooling down.

In Florida, even though it says Autumn on the calendar, we might not feel the cooler weather until late October or late November. Not only that, but hurricane season also winds down a few days after you've devoured your Thanksgiving turkey.

Fortunately, the rainy season in Florida comes to an end in the last part of October to look forward to more calm and dry weather.

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