Winter Prep for Patio Screens

Winter is coming, are your patio screens ready for the chill? There are few things more relaxing than enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a crisp winter morning on your porch. Screens don't keep out all the cold air, but they're still beneficial in the cold months! It's easy to keep your screened-in porch occupied and enjoyed in the winter just like in the summer. There are a few steps to take to make sure you get the most out of your patio screens all year long.

  • Don't want to replace your screens? Use clear sheet vinyl to cover the screens instead. The best way to apply is either with double-sided tape or Velcro. This makes for super easy removal come springtime.
  • Is it still feeling a bit too drafty? To achieve an air-tight seal along with the screen covers, add some weather-stripping. This keeps the cold out of the cracks! The same goes for door draft blockers that can be used on the screen door as well as window sills.
  • Invest in some thick curtains or blinds. This keeps the extra chill out of the patio area when in use and can also add an extra flair to the room.
  • Do some spring cleaning in late summer/early fall! Deep clean those screens by going over them with a brush attachment on your vacuum. Slow and steady does it! Grab a spritz bottle full of water to help stubborn stuck spots in the screen clean again.

It doesn't take much to prep your screens for winter. Make sure to follow some of these tips here to ensure that you get the most of your patio screens no matter what time of year it is!