Do Screens Block Rays?

The Sun can do some damage if you don’t learn to protect yourself from it. Florida is notorious for hot days with a burning sun, and with a bright and burning sun that can sneak up on you. While out and about, some sunscreen tossed in a bag is a great idea, but what about at home? Of course, you’re protected indoors where curtains can be drawn, but there are more open areas in some homes like pool areas. Typically these areas of the home are surrounded by screens, giving the homeowner an outdoor feel without the annoyance of outdoor pests. But do these screens protect you from the sun’s harmful rays?

The short answer is no; screens will not protect you from the sun’s rays. The holes in the screens allow the warmth of the rays to reach you just as if you were out in the open. But, there are alternatives! There are solar screens available that will provide 80 to 90% solar blockage. These shades can be customized to individual preference. It also gives the customer an added sense of privacy, allowing those inside to look out, but not visible to those outside looking in.

With those types of solar screens, it will add to the prevention of any skin conditions due to the sun’s rays. It’s still important to use an SPF 15+ or higher. The ultimate goal in blocking the sun’s rays is to keep your skin protected from UV sources. Although all screens are not made equal utilizing solar protection, there are stepping stones for more advancement in this field. More protection is good protection from harmful UV rays!